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Kory started playing guitars screen years ago simply because he thought the guitar was cool and loves music. Through practice and brief lessons, he learned the essentials enough to get comfortable. He then continued by teaching himself, creating YouTube videos, tutorials, and the like.

With this natural talent for music, you would think he comes from a family of intense musicians. Oddly enough, however, in a full house with two half-sisters, he is the only musical talent in the family. This passion to play comes from deep within and only developed through his tenacity and perseverance.  Now Kory wants to make a living playing guitar, so much so that he’s stated he lives, sleeps and dreams guitar.

Through his rise in popularity, one might assume that such a young, impressionable mind might get lost in the excitement and lose themselves to exposure. With Kory, however, this is definitely not the case. He goes to school every day and even finds time to enjoy a little Rock Band (for good measure) after school. On Fridays, he can be found playing at New Life Community Church during a weekly event called U-Turn for kids ages 12 through 18.

Unlike many secular artists out there, Kory wants people to know he believes in God. His faith is important to him and he has a big heart. He may be an extremely talented kid-phenom in terms of music, but he still keeps it real and down to earth enjoying basketball, pool and regularly attending bible study.  Also, as most young men his age do, he likes action movies – especially zombie thrillers.

From a musical perspective however, he is anything but conventional in comparison to kids his age. His favorite musicians are Slash (former lead guitarist of Guns N Roses) and Stevie Ray Vaughn (more endearingly known to fans as SRV of Double Trouble) and he says if he had to choose one star to model his career after, he would gravitate towards slash.

Dissimilar to the professional path and eventual career-fate experienced by music icon Saul “Slash” Hudson, Kory tends to focus more on respecting the audience.  He enjoys making them happy through his music and feeding off their positive energy.  “At the end of each show I want the crowd to know that I am grateful and happy”, Kory says. With his bass singer and drummer by is side, this young talent is taking off at a rate similar to that of SRV, a similarly rare musician who started his career at the young age of 10 with a three-person bank in tow. Kory’s goal is to follow those footsteps and eventually make the same impact, one day headline on a significant stage.

For music and talent aficionados everywhere, we should all keep a close watch on Lightning Boy’s progress. Given his age and exposure level, we can only expect to see many more awe inspiring  performances on stage everywhere, eventually landing his name in lights as the main event. Guitar pics in one hand, school books in the other, this gifted and young musical powerhouse is taking the stage by storm – representing the meaning behind his name perfectly.


By: Jackie (Jax) B